The woodcarving heritage of Nepal is world renowned, having sprung from medieval roots in Kathmandu valley’s illustrious dynasties and on display to this day among its most cherished cultural monuments.

Blending this living heritage of craftsmanship with the regal inspiration of Roman antiquity is the story behind Imperial Furniture.Our collection embodies a superior character that can only be derived from history’s finest methods and materials.

We use only indigenous, seasoned timbers as source material for our furniture, culled from sheesham and teak forests in and around Kathmandu valley, just like master woodworkers in the region have done for centuries. Our pieces are finished with custom blended enamels and polishes to accentuate the natural characteristics of the wood and preserve its integrity.

Visit our Kathmandu showroom to view our signature furniture collection on display or contact our workshop for custom designs and commissioned work.