Commission Pieces

We take great pleasure in delivering custom pieces that are one of a kind. We will work with your specified dimensions and materials to create a variation of one of our signature pieces, or create an entirely new and unique design according to your desires.

Our artisans are skilled at creating fine indoor furniture or extra durable and weatherproofed pieces for outdoor use.

Order Process

  • Contact us with size and design specifications. We will present you with rough drawings of our proposed design.
  • Select your desired type of wood.
  • Production time will vary depending on design but will generally take 5-6 weeks from concept to finished product.
  • Collect your furniture at our Kathmandu showroom or have it delivered to your home.
  • Enjoy your one of a kind piece of superior handmade furniture.
  • Payment Options

    Bank wire
    Payment can be made via bank transfer once your purchased is confirmed.

    Credit card
    We accept payment via Visa or MasterCard.


    Worldwide shipping is available via air cargo with international shipments arriving in as fast as 10 business days. Sea cargo is available for larger orders.